Name + Title: Vivian Bernabe, Production Manager, Welocalize Life Sciences

Office location: Irvine, California

Hire date: December 2009

Where were you born?  I’m a SoCal native, born and raised in Orange County, California.

Languages spoken: English and Spanish (US)—I attempted to learn Hungarian, but that was not easy to pick up.

What did you study at university? Audio Engineering

If you could learn any language, which would you pick and why? As a personal challenge, I want to get to decent conversational in Hungarian going before I move on to another language.

What are you most proud of, both personally and professionally? Like a handful of my colleagues in the Irvine, California office, I started answering phones at reception. I am so grateful for all the opportunities and challenges I have been given – going into Account Management, Business Development, Project Management for several divisions, and currently coaching and leading an awesome team of PMs. Having held so many diverse roles, I’ve been able get a greater insight and understanding into all sales and production activities and build deeper relationships with clients. With the new capabilities within the larger Welocalize team, the potential to keep growing is even more exciting.

What is your day-to-day work like at Welocalize Life Sciences? It always starts with a strong cup of coffee while I sort through emails. From there, it varies day to day. In collaborating with a global team, sometimes the days start before dawn, sometimes they carry on into the evening. With the current integration, we’re in a highly-innovative mindset, taking the most effective processes and leveling up with new perspectives from our larger team. However, my favorite part of my day is chatting with my team and sharing a few laughs.

What are your best tips for keeping projects on task? Take notes for EVERYTHING and send outlined recaps. Don’t rely on others to recap for you or remind you later; own it. Also, make a daily task list. I prefer handwritten, but electronic planning tools work well for others. Identify what works best for you and stick with it.

Any trends you’re seeing or hearing in the life sciences space? Mergers can create super-brands. Speaking of…Welocalize Life Sciences just had a successful debut at SCOPE 2017.