Name + Title: Louise Law, Global Communications Manager, Welocalize

Office location: Chester, UK

Hire date: March 2010

Where were you born?  Wallasey, England

Languages spoken: English and French (not fluent)

Where did you study? University of Huddersfield

If you could learn any language, which would you pick and why? German. It’s a complex but beautiful language.

Do you have a bucket list? What is something you are hoping to check off the list soon? I’ve had a lot of brilliant adventures so I’m lucky enough to have ticked off quite a few things from my bucket list. Japan is somewhere I would still like to visit. My kids really want to visit Hawaii and Australia so I’ll put those on my list. As a content writer, authoring a novel or children’s book is something I’d really like to achieve.

What are you most proud of (personally and/or professionally)? My two beautiful kids! A girl and a boy, both healthy, happy and full of life. They make me laugh and smile every day. Professionally, I’ve been lucky enough to have a successful career doing something I love – writing stories and creating content which has helped establish global businesses and brand portfolio.

What is your day-to-day work like at Welocalize? I spend most of my day immersed in marketing content and communication materials. The team is continually working to produce quality content that help communicate the value of Welocalize brands and services. This involves a lot of creative thinking and rigorous quality checks to ensure we accurately and truly represent Welocalize operating companies to all our target audiences.

Any trends you’re seeing in the localization industry? Opportunities in the localization industry are often triggered by economic trends – if there’s rapid growth in certain industry sectors, such as life sciences and entertainment, then this will impact demand. The same applies for demand for certain languages – growth in emerging markets will increase the demand for certain languages.

Other trends I’m seeing are a definite growth in demand for translation and cultural adaptation on mobile platforms and user experience in general. More smartphones means more content accessed 24/7. This will affect how we localize content – fewer words, more images and buttons. I also like to keep up to date with translation automation, especially neural machine translation (NMT) and how machine intelligence will impact the digital transformation of global content.

What is a recent Welocalize blog post or article you recommend Welocalize Life Sciences’ clients read? I recently interviewed Andrea Barp, Translation Director at Adapt Worldwide, to get his latest insights on multilingual search engine optimization (SEO). Driving global digital marketing campaigns impacts every global business, in all industry sectors. The blog interview Increase Visibility and Revenue with Multilingual SEO gives some expert advice on how to drive successful digital marketing campaigns across multiple languages and cultures.