Name + Title: Nandia Savvopoulou, Production Director, Europe

Office location: Barcelona

Hire date: October 2015

Where were you born?  Northern Greece, in a small city called Serres

What did you study at university? Marketing and communications

Languages spoken: Greek (even though I think I’m losing it, with so many years away from home), English, Spanish, French and Italian

If you could learn any language, which would you pick and why? For the thrill of it, I would choose a language isolate, Basque or Korean. For business purposes, I would chose Arabic.

What are you most proud of (personally and/or professionally)? On a personal level, I guess the fact that I had to work very hard from a very early age. That made me fearless! Professionally, well, whatever I say it would sound like bragging! So, with always a certain sense of humor, I would say I feel proud for having “sneaked in” or ”infiltrated” in to a team of professionals that I came to admire. I draw great self-motivation from that.

How do you define efficiency? Efficiency is the maximum use of resources while minimizing waste, while being innovative and automating processes. When a client has concerns about quality, a typical reaction might be to provide, as preventive action, a second round of revisions or QA. That is a fitting example of lack of efficiency.

How do efficiency and project management intersect? We believe that through detailed project initiation and smart linguistic selection we get the highest chances that a project will run smoothly. We spend hours or days, if needed, in preparing instructions, preparing files, creating macros, investigating machine translation best options, and convincing a certain linguist to accept the project. Our objective is to do things right in the first step. Nothing can go terribly wrong in the end if the project was properly started. Read more about this here.

What life sciences publications or resources do you recommend? Us! The blog, the industry watch! A great resource for production is conversations with BDs, since those are the ones attending conferences, have long conversations with clients etc. I try to stay updated as well by reading the Multilingual or CSA Research, IPSOR, EMA, RAPS news/publications.

Do you have a bucket list? What is something you are hoping to check off the list soon? I don’t have one, as I find bucket lists stressful and I am more of a spontaneous person. However, a blissful wish right now is to watch bears and fish salmon in Alaska.