Name + Title: Joyce Logroño-Ma, Life Sciences Production Director, U.S.

Office location: Irvine

Hire date: January 19, 2009

Where were you born? Cavite, Philippines

Languages spoken: Tagalog + English

What did you study at university? Accounting

If you could learn any language, which would you pick and why? I cannot pick just one. My top would be Spanish (widely spoken in Southern California), Chinese (to communicate with my in-laws in their native language) and Japanese (I’m an anime fan).

Do you have a bucket list? What is something you are hoping to check off the list soon? I would like to Visit Ōkunoshima, Japan, aka Rabbit Island. Here is a video about this bucket list destination.

What are you most proud of (personally and professionally)? Personally, I am proud of my two daughters, ages 6 and fourteen. They’re proving to be smart, responsible and independent girls (for their ages). Professionally, I’m proud of having the opportunity to lead a hardworking and dedicated team.

What is your day-to-day work? My days are filled with internal and client meetings to ensure process compliance, finding improvements where needed and to help team members operate at their maximum potential, servicing the client according to their needs. Communication is key.

What are your best tips for keeping projects on task? Prioritize, delegate, and make time.

  1. Prioritize: Completing the tasks that are urgent and important.
  2. Delegate: Assign the tasks that are urgent and not-so-important.
  3. Make time: Set time aside to deliberate details that are not urgent but important; to be proactive.

What life sciences and language industry publications or resources do you recommend? I don’t have any specific recommendation, since there are so many good online resources. My go-to is Flipboard with my own filters for topics that I’m usually interested in.

Any trends you’re seeing in the life sciences industry? The top trends I am seeing are industry mergers and advancements in technology. I see a lot of mergers happening with our clients that adds a whole new level in the relationships that we have with them. Our clients are getting more and more sophisticated and adapting faster to the changes that technology brings. We need to be able to move very quickly in order to stay a step ahead and continue to be SMEs that support them through the changes.